ARTIBUS ASIAE welcomes submissions of articles and shorter notes that present important original research. Book reviews are commissioned, but authors interested in writing reviews may contact the editor.

Manuscripts submitted for review must have all text typed double-spaced, including quotations, notes, appendices, bibliography, and captions. Use endnotes instead of footnotes and follow the style guide. For initial submission, illustrations should be provided in the form of small, low-resolution images in a Word document.  Each image should have a figure number and a complete caption.  The total size of the Word file should not be larger than 10MB. In order to allow for anonymous review the author’s name should appear on a separate title page, and all self-references should be removed from text and notes.

One manuscript (hardcopy or electronic copy) needs to be submitted to the publishers, a second copy should be sent directly to the editor-in-chief. You may submit your manuscript for the editors by Email.

Once a paper is accepted for publication, the author will be asked to submit an electronic copy of the manuscript (by email or on CD) for editing, along with a glossary of Chinese or Japanese characters (if any), a glossary of Sanskrit terms containing diacritis (if any), and high-quality glossy black-and-white photographs, color slides, or black line drawings. High-quality digital reproductions are also acceptable (at least 15cm/6 inches wide with a resolution of 300 dpi or more).

Authors are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions for reproduction of copyrighted images and texts and are requested to provide ARTIBUS ASIAE with copies thereof.

Electronic files must not include complex formatting, mixed fonts, or mixed codes. Rare diacriticals should be indicated using substitute characters in a regular font.

All contributors receive one issue of the journal and 25 offprints of their articles. You may purchase additional offprints if you inform the publishers beforehand.

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