Vol. 38-42

VOLUME 38, 1 (1976)

  • Kalyanakarin’s Adventures. The Identification of an Ajanta Painting
    Dieter Schlingloff
  • The Other Face of the MakaraThe Other Face of the Makara
    Steven Darian
  • The Allegory of Den in Persian Art
    Guitty Azarpay
  • Floral Motifs and Vine Scrolls in Chinese Art of the Late Fifth to Early Sixth Centuries A.D.
    Susan Bush

VOLUME 38, 2/3 (1976)

  • The Technique of ‘Chiaroscuro’ in Chinese Painting from Han through T’ang
    Mary H. Fong
  • Zu Chinesischen Perlmuttlacken des 14. Jahrhunderts (On 14th Century Chinese Mother-of-Pearl Lacquers)
    Beatrix Von Ragué
  • Kunst im Lan Na Thai (7): Carl Bocks Buddhafiguren aus Fang
    Hans Penth
  • An Unusual Series of Illustrations to the Bhagavadgita
    B. N. Goswamy, H. Jhamb
  • Phamsana in Western India
    Michael W. Meister
  • Doorframes on the Earliest Orissan Temples
    Thomas Donaldson
  • Two Fragmentary Gandharan Narrative Reliefs in the Peshawar Museum: A Study of Gandharan Representations of the Four Encounters
    Joseph M. Dye

VOLUME 38, 4 (1976)

  • A “Tuti Nama” from Gujarat. A Dated and Illustrated Manuscript in the von Portheim-Stiftung, Heidelberg
    B. N. Goswamy, A. L. Dallapiccola
  • Kosaleshvara Temple at Baidyanath (Balangir District, Orissa)
    D. R. Das
  • Some Burmese Paintings of the Seventeenth Century and Later. Part I: A Seventeenth-Century Painting Style near Sagaing
    Jane Terry Bailey

VOLUME 39, 1 (1977)

  • The Development of Brush-Modes in Sung and Yüan
    Joan Stanley-Baker
  • Jataka Tales at Tjandi Mendut
    Mary-Ann Lutzker
  • The Masjid-i Pa Minar at Zavareh: A Redating and an Analysis of Early Islamic Iranian Stucco
    Samuel R. Peterson

VOLUME 39, 2 (1977)

  • Yao Yen-ch’ing, T’ing-mei, of Wu-hsing
    Richard Barnhart
  • Interpreting Scythian Art: East vs. West
    Ann Farkas
  • Some Varanasi Images of Gaṇapati and Their Iconographic Problem
    Prithvi K. Agrawala

VOLUME 39, 3/4 (1977)

  • P’an-lung-ch’eng: A Shang City in Hupei
    Robert W. Bagley
  • Kings and Heroes: Western-Style Painting in Momoyama Japan
    Grace A. H. Vlam
  • Wooden Windows of Nepal: An Illustrated Analysis
    Ronald M. Bernier
  • The Marwar Murals
    Ramavatar Agarwala
  • The Mausoleum of Sher Shah Suri
    Catherine B. Asher
  • A Brass Vessel from the Tomb of Sayyid Battal Ghazi. Notes on the Interpretation of Thirteenth-Century Islamic Imagery
    Eva Baer

VOLUME 40, 1 (1978)

  • The Four Stone Façades of Monastery 1 at Ratnagiri
    Robert L. Brown
  • Sculpture, Kingship, and the Triad of Phnom Da
    Richard M. Cooler
  • Some Burmese Paintings of the Seventeenth Century and Later. Part II: The Return to Pagán
    Jane Terry Bailey
  • Painting in Kutch. Preliminary Notes on a Group of Miniatures
    B. N. Goswamy, A. L. Dallapiccola

VOLUME 40, 2/3 (1978)

  • Ryozen: From Ebusshi to Ink Painter
    Carla M. Zainie
  • “River Village: The Pleasures of Fishing” and Chao Meng-fu’s Li-Kuo Style Landscapes
    Richard Vinograd
  • Glazed Stonewares of the Han Dynasty. Part One: The Eastern Group
    Katherine R. Tsiang
  • Le Stupa et son décor à Ceylan. Son influence en Thaïlande et en Birmanie
    Marie Gatellier
  • Reverse Glass Paintings from Gujarat in a Private Canadian Collection: Documents of British India
    Phyllis Granoff
  • Some New Finds at Ramgarth Hill, Vidisha District
    Carmel Berkson

VOLUME 40, 4 (1978)

  • More Painting from Kutch. Much Confirmation, Some Surprises
    B. N. Goswamy, A. L. Dallapiccola
  • On a Four-Legged Icon of Gaṇapati from Ghosai
    Prithvi K. Agrawala
  • Deity or Deified King? Reflections on a Unique Vaishavite Sculpture from Java
    Debjani Paul

VOLUME 41, 1 (1979)

  • A Rock Sculpture of Maitreya in the Suru Valley, Ladakh
    Jan Fontein
  • “Setting Out at Dawn on an Autumn River”: A Painting by Wang Hui (1632-1717) and the Enigma of Kuan T’ung (Tenth Century)
    Robert A. Rorex
  • Some Burmese Paintings of the Seventeenth Century and Later. Part III: Nineteenth-Century Murals at the Taungthaman Kyauktawgyi
    Jane Terry Bailey
  • Maheshvara/Mahakala: A Unique Buddhist Image from Kashmir
    Phyllis Granoff
  • The Early Buddhist Icons in Kakheri’s Cave 3
    Marilyn Leese

VOLUME 41 2/3 (1979)

  • Some Landscapes Related to the Blue-and-Green Manner from the Early Yüan Period
    Richard Vinograd
  • Some Sung, Chin and Yüan Representations of Actors
    Robert J. Maeda
  • Glazed Stonewares of the Han Dynasty. Part Two: The Southern Group
    Katherine R. Tsiang
  • Indreshvara Mahadeva, a Thirteenth-Century Nepalese Shrine
    Mary Shepherd Slusser
  • Juncture and Conjunction: Punning and Temple Architecture
    Michael W. Meister
  • Cave I at Narttamalai: A Reappraisal
    Gary J. Schwindler
  • The Mahakuta Pillar and Its Temples
    Carol Radcliffe Bolon

VOLUME 41, 4 (1979)

  • Travelers among Valleys and Peaks. A Reconsideration of Chin Landscape Painting
    Stephen Little
  • An Indo-Iranian Silver Rhyton in the Cleveland Museum¨
    Martha L. Carter

VOLUME 42, 1 (1980)

  • Kung Hsien’s Self-Portrait in Willows, with Notes on the Willow in Chinese Painting and Literature
    Jerome Silbergeld
  • The Beginning of Dravidian Temple Architecture in Stone
    Gary Michael Tartakov

VOLUME 42, 2/3 (1980)

  • Bronze “Ming-ch’i” Vessels with Painted Decoration: A Regional Study in Han Pictorialism
    Diane M. Nelson
  • Some Buddha Images and the Cultural Developments of the Late Angkorian Period
    Hiram W. Woodward
  • A Thirteenth Century Tibetan Reliquary. An Iconographic and Physical Analysis
    Robert T. Hatt

VOLUME 42, 4 (1980)

  • The Recently Discovered Chin Dynasty Murals Illustrating the Life of the Buddha at Yen-shang-ssu, Shansi
    Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky
  • Some Observations on Stone Winged Chimeras at Ancient Chinese Tomb Sites
    Barry Till
  • De Rambha à Lalita Devi, la Devi dans la statuaire Pala-Sena en pierre
    Claudine Picron
  • The Parvati Temple, Sandur and Early Images of Agastya
    Carol Radcliffe Bolon

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