Vol. 33-37

VOLUME 33, 1/2 (1971)

  • Metallurgy in the Early Steppes
    Karl Jettmar
  • The Brahmadeva Pillars. An Inquiry into the Origin and Nature of the Brahmadeva Worship among the Digambara Jains
    S. Settar
  • Kuan-Yin as Savior of Men: Illustration of the Twenty-Fifth Chapter of the Lotus Sutra in Chi-nese Painting
    Miyeko Murase
  • A Long Roll of Buddhist Images
    Helen B. Chapin, Alexander C. Soper

VOLUME 33, 3 (1971)

  • Pagan, Wetkyi-in Kubyauk-gyi, an Early Burmese Temple with Ink-Glosses
    Ba Shin, K. J. Whitbread, G. H. Luce
  • Some Seventeenth-Century Images from Burma
    Jane Terry Bailey

VOLUME 33, 4 (1971)

  • The “Water” Theme in Chinese Painting
    Robert J. Maeda
  • Some Results of the Third International Conference on Asian Archaeology in Bahrain, March 1970: New Discoveries in the Persian/Arabian Gulf States and Relations with Artifacts from Countries of the Ancient Near East
    Edith Porada, Grace Burkholder, Marny Golding, Robert McC. Adams, Karen Frifelt, Peder Mortensen, C. C. Lamberg-Karlovsky

VOLUME 34, 1 (1972)

  • Three Large Ch’u Graves Recently Excavated in the Chiangling District of Hupei Province
    Annette L. Juliano
  • Kunst im Lan Na Thai (2): Beschriftete Buddhafiguren aus Nam Phra (Phrao)
    Hans Penth
  • Cassoni-Emaki: A Comparative Study
    Gisela Armbruster
  • Terracottas from Bhiṭa
    Samir K. Mukhopadhyay

VOLUME 34, 2/3 (1972)

  • Early Heian Sculpture at Its Best: Three Outstanding Examples
    Sherwood F. Moran
  • A Miniature Sculpture from Ceylon Depicting the Eight Great Miracles of the Buddha
    L. Prematilleke
  • Buddhist Monuments in Mysore
    M. Seshadri
  • The Nandi Images of Tamil̤nadu and Kannaḍanadu
    M. A. Dhaky
  • Rashtrakuta Temples at Bhvanasi Sangam
    B. Rajendra Prasad
  • On Two Portraits of Pahari Artists
    B. N. Goswamy
  • The Use of Mercury in Metal Ritual Objects as a Symbol of Shiva
    F. E. Treloar

VOLUME 34, 4 (1972)

  • Early Chalukya Icons
    Aschwin Lippe
  • The Erotic Sculptures of India
    Y. Krishan
  • Kunst im Lan Na Thai (3), Eine unheilbringende Buddhafigur
    Hans Penth

VOLUME 35, 1/2 (1973)

  • Ma-wang-tui. A Treasure-Trove from the Western Han DynastyMa-wang-tui.
    Fong Chow
  • Ch’ang-sha Ma-wang-tui i-hao Han mu fa-chüeh chien-pao: “A Brief Report on the Excava-tion of Han Tomb no.1 at Ma-wang-tui, Ch’ang-sha”
    Fong Chow, Cheng Yeh
  • Imported Mirrors in the Minusinsk Basin
    E. Loubo-Lesnitchenko
  • Al-Hiba, 1970-1971: A Preliminary Report
    Donald P. Hansen
  • Some Nepalese Stone Sculptures: A Reappraisal within Their Cultural and Historical Context
    Mary Shepherd Slusser, Gautamavajra Vajracarya
  • Ganga Tripathaga
    Kirit Mankodi
  • Provisional Classification of Painted Pottery from Ban Chieng
    Piriya Krairiksh
  • Review: Comments on Later Iranian Ceramics: A Review Article
    Richard Ettinghausen

VOLUME 35, 3 (1973)

  • Notes on the Art of Siam, no. 7. An Eighteenth-Century Monastery, Its Colossal Statue, and Its Benefactors
    Alexander B. Griswold
  • A Recut Ashokan Capital and the Gupta Attitude towards the Past
    Joanna Williams
  • A Reassessment of the “Tuti-Nama” Illustrations in the Cleveland Museum of Art (And Re-lated Problems on Earliest Mughal Paintings and Painters)
    Anand Krishna
  • Some Nepalese Stone Sculptures: Further Notes
    Mary Shepherd Slusser, Gautamavajra Vajracarya
  • Heian Sculpture at the Tokyo National Museum: A Review Article. Part I
    Donald F. McCallum

VOLUME 35, 4 (1973)

  • Four Chinese Royal Tombs of the Early Eighth Century
    Mary H. Fong
  • The Chronological Significance of the Inscribed Ancestor Dedication in the Periodization of Shang Dynasty Bronze Vessels
    Virginia C. Kane

VOLUME 36, 1/2 (1974)

  • Neo-Taoism and the “Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove” in Chinese Painting
    Ellen Johnston Laing
  • An Interesting Han Jade in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
    Joan M. Hartman
  • Three Inscribed Sukhodayan Images in the Bo Tree Monastery. Notes on the Art of Siam, no. 8
    A. B. Griswold
  • Evolution of the Chattravali in Ceylon
    W. B. Marcus Fernando
  • A Note on the Superstructure of the Maṛhia Temple
    Michael W. Meister
  • An Apitakuca Image from Kagajipara, Bangladesh
    Dipakchandra Bhattacharyya
  • The Death of Buddha, a Painting at Koyasan
    Sherwood F. Moran
  • Heian Sculpture at the Tokyo National Museum. Part II: A Review Article
    Donald F. McCallum

VOLUME 36, 3 (1974)

  • Two Medieval Nepalese Buildings: An Architectural and Cultural Study
    Mary Shepherd Slusser, Gautamavajra Vajracarya
  • The Ninna-ji Amida Triad and the Orthodox Style
    Donald F. McCallum

VOLUME 36, 4 (1974)

  • The Purpose and Date of the Hsiao-T’ang Shan Offering Shrines: A Modest Proposal
    Alexander Coburn Soper
  • Kunst im Lan Na Thai (4): Die Hauptbuddhafigur im Wihan des Klosters Tha Düa bei Chiang Mai
    Hans Penth
  • Notes sur l’ancienne région de Thatön (Basse-Birmanie)
    Emmanuel Guillon
  • An Early Mahayana Sermon about the Body of the Buddha and the Making of Images
    Lewis R. Lancaster
  • A Newly Discovered Garuḍa Image in Kathmandu, Nepal
    Gautamavajra Vajracarya, Mary Shepherd Slusser
  • Folk Images of Sanjhi Devi
    Betty Dashew Robins, Robert F. Bussabarger
  • The “Akashalinga” Finial
    M. A. Dhaky

VOLUME 37, 1/2 (1975)

  • Li Sung and Some Aspects of Southern Sung Figure Painting
    Ellen Johnston Laing
  • Brief Survey of Early Chinese Glazed Wares
    Yutaka Mino
  • Meditations on a Black Sun. Speculations on Illusionist Tendencies in T’ang Painting Based on Chemical Changes in Pigments
    Peter Glum
  • Kunst im Lan Na Thai (5): Die Glocke in der Höhle bei Chiang Dao
    Hans Penth
  • Propitious-Apotropaic Eroticism in the Art of Orissa
    Thomas Donaldson
  • A Shunga Capital from Vidisha
    Donald Stadtner
  • A Dhyana-Yoga Maheshamurti, and Some Reflections on the Iconography of the Mahesha-murti-Images
    Krishna Kumar

VOLUME 37, 3 (1975)

  • Some South Indian Icons
    Aschwin Lippe
  • “Siberian” Gold Collected by Peter the Great: The Gagarin Gift
    Carol Gatsie
  • Un Bas-relief parthe de la Collection Foroughi. Notes Iraniennes XVII
    R. Ghirshman
  • Kunst im Lan Na Thai (6): Ein Gong aus Mandalay. Beispiel für die Entstehung von Erzählgut
    Hans Penth

VOLUME 37, 4 (1975)

  • A Family of Post-Han Ritual Bronze Vessels
    Robert J. Herold
  • Ein hellenistisches Achat-Rhyton in China
    Klaus Parlasca
  • The Enigma of Vainayaki
    Balaji Mundkur

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