Vol. 28-32

VOLUME 28, 1 (1966)

  • Early, Middle, and Late Shang: A Note
    Alexander C. Soper
  • Some Standing Jade Figurines of the Shang-Chou Period
    Chêng Tê-K’un
  • Ritual Deposit Boxes in Southeast Asian Sanctuaries
    Stanley J. O’Connor
  • The Identity and Significance of the Standing Figure at the Gal-vihara , Polonnaruva, Ceylon
    L. Prematilleke

VOLUME 28, 2/3 (1966)

  • Chinese Pictorial Bronze Vessels of the Late Chou Period: Part I
    Charles D. Weber
  • Identity and Significance of the Object Held by the Dwarfs in the Guardstones of Ancient Ceylon
    L. Prematilleke
  • The Late Stone Age Industries from Excavated Sites in Gujarat, India
    S. C. Malik
  • Aurangabad: A Stylistic Analysis
    Deborah Brown Levine
  • The Problem of the Artist ‘Nainsukh of Jasrota’
    B. N. Goswamy
  • Weapons of War in the Sculptures of Nagarjunakoṇḍa
    K. Krishna Murthy
  • Notes Iraniennes XV: Deux Bronzes des Rois d’Urartu
    R. Ghirshman

VOLUME 28, 4 (1966)


  • Imperial Cave-Chapels of the Northern Dynasties: Donors, Beneficiaries, Dates
    Alexander Coburn Soper
  • Chinese Pictorial Bronze Vessels of the Late Chou Period. Part II 
    Charles D. Weber

VOLUME 29, 1 (1967)

  • Some Sculptural Motifs on Early Calukya Temples
    Aschwin Lippe
  • The Evolution of the T’ang Lion and Grapevine Mirror
    Nancy Thompson
  • Addendum: The “Jen Shou” Mirrors
    Alexander Coburn Soper
  • The Typology of the Anantashayi Icon
    K. V. Soundara Rajan
  • L’Amphisbène
    Louis Malleret
  • Note on a Mukhalinga from Western Borneo
    S. J. O’Connor

VOLUME 29, 2/3 (1967)

  • Chinese Pictorial Bronze Vessels of the Late Chou Period. Part III
    Charles D. Weber
  • Japanese Screen Paintings of the Hogen and Heiji Insurrections
    Miyeko Murase
  • The Theory and Technique of Classical Indian Dancing
    Kapila Vatsyayan
  • Balinese Painting and the Wayang Tradition
    Leland W. Gralapp
  • The “Letter from Shih-t’ao to Pa-ta-shan-jen”
    Alexander Coburn Soper

VOLUME 29, 4 (1967)

  • Notes sur l’Art du Bronze dans l’ancien Cambodge
    Jean Boisselier
  • A Ninth Century Landscape Painting in the Japanese Imperial Palace and Some Chinese Parallels
    Alexander Coburn Soper

VOLUME 30, 1 (1968)

  • A Han Painted Tomb at Loyang
    Jonathan Chaves
  • Early Chinese Representations of Vimalakirti
    Emma C. Bunker
  • Une Cruche de Bronze présumée chame à double Goulot
    Louis Malleret
  • A Buddhist Monastery Type of Ancient Ceylon Showing Mahayanist Influence
    L. Prematilleke, R. Silva
  • A Maheshamurti at Bhuvaneshvara
    José Pereira

VOLUME 30, 2/3 (1968)

  • Les Linteaux Khmers du VIIIe siècle. Nouvelles données sur le style de Kompong Prah
    Jean Boisselier
  • Chinese Pictorial Bronze Vessels of the Late Chou Period. Part IV
    Charles D. Weber
  • Notes iraniennes XVI. Deux statuettes élamites du plateau iranien
    R. Ghirshman
  • All the World’s a Stage: A Note
    Alexander Coburn Soper

VOLUME 30, 4 (1968)

  • The Freer “Sheep and Goat” and Chao Meng-fu’s Horse Paintings
    Chu-Tsing Li

VOLUME 31, 1 (1969)

  • A Chinese Scroll of the Ming Dynasty “Ming Huang and Yang Kuei-fei Listening to Music”
    George A. Rowley
  • Some Late Chinese Bronze Images (Eighth to Fourteenth Centuries) in the Avery Brundage Collection, M. H. De Young Museum, San Francisco
    Alexander Coburn Soper
  • The Gilding of Ancient Bronze Statues in Japan
    Sherwood F. Moran
  • Sur une défense d’éléphant sculptée ayant appartenu à M. Poivre
    Louis Malleret
  • A Shiva Icon from Piandjikent
    P. Banerjee

VOLUME 31, 2/3 (1969)

  • The Representation of Costumes in the Reliefs of Taq-i-Bustan
    Elsie Holmes Peck
  • Early Buddhist Caves at Junnar
    Vidya Dehejia
  • Sculptures from the Later Calukyan Temple at Haveri
    M. S. Nagaraja Rao
  • An Early Gupta Seal of the Mahiṣasuramardini
    K. Bharatha Iyer
  • Nine Inscribed Choresmian Bowls
    Guitty Azarpay
  • All the World’s a Stage: A Note. A Rebuttal
    A. Bulling

VOLUME 31, 4 (1969)

  • The Yakushi Image and Shaka Trinity of the Kondo, Horyuji: A Study of Drapery Problems
    Diana Pyle Rowan
  • Some Comments on Medieval Iranian Art. (A Propos the Publication of “The Cambridge His-tory of Iran”)
    Richard Ettinghausen
  • Shri Yugadhara: A Master-Artist of Ajanta
    M. K. Dhavalikar
  • The Cult of Jvalamalini and the Earliest Images of Jvala and Shyama
    S. Settar

VOLUME 32, 1 (1970)

  • A Long Roll of Buddhist Images.
    Alexander C. Soper, Helen B. Chapin
  • Identification of Three Miniatures in the Nasli and Alice Heeramaneck Collection
    David T. Sanford
  • A Chronology of Indian Sculpture: The Satavahana Chronology at Nasik
    Jeanne L. Trabold

VOLUME 32, 2/3 (1970)

  • The Former Broadley Collection, Bihar Sharif
    Frederick M. Asher
  • A Vamana Temple at Maṛhia and Some Reflections on Gupta Architecture
    Pramod Chandra
  • Tsung Ping’s Comments on Landscape Painting
    Leon Hurvitz
  • A Long Roll of Buddhist Images
    Helen B. Chapin, Alexander Coburn Soper
  • A Problematical Chinese Bronze Vessel. The Ku That Was “Too Good to Be True”
    Alexander Coburn Soper
  • Farewell Paintings of China: Chinese Gifts to Japanese Visitors
    Miyeko Murase

VOLUME 32, 4 (1970)

  • Al-Hiba, 1968-1969, a Preliminary Report
    Donald P. Hansen
  • A Long Roll of Buddhist Images. III
    Helen B. Chapin, Alexander C. Soper
  • Kunst im Lan Na Thai (1): Der Grosse Gong im Kloster Phrathat Hariphunchai
    Hans Penth
  • The Cloisonné Mirror in the Shosoin: Date and Provenance
    Dietrich Seckel, Helmut Brinker

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