Vol. 47-50

VOLUME 47, 1 (1986)

  • Chang Wu: Study of a Fourteenth-Century Figure Painter
    Deborah Del Gais Muller
  • Bhikatanamurti Images from Orissa
    Thomas E. Donaldson

VOLUME 47, 2 (1986)

  • The Engraved Designs on the Late Sixth Century Sarcophagus of Li Ho
    Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky
  • Bodhisattvas and Buddhas: Early Buddhist Images from Mathura
    Prudence R. Myer

VOLUME 47, 3/4 (1986)

  • Techniques militaires dans les royaumes du Dekkan au temps des Hoysaḷa (XIIe-XIIIe siècle), d’après l’iconographie
    Jean Deloche
  • Regional Variations in Matrika Conventions
    Michael W. Meister
  • Buddhist Elements in Early Chinese Art (2nd and 3rd Centuries A.D.)
    Wu Hung

VOLUME 48, 1/2 (1987)

  • Zhu Haogu Reconsidered: A New Date for the ROM Painting and the Southern Shanxi Buddhist-Daoist Style
    Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt
  • Wang Fu’s Contribution to the Formation of a New Painting Style in the Ming Dynasty
    Kathlyn Liscomb
  • Addendum: Some Seventeenth Century Images from Burma with an Appendix by F. K. Leh-man: The Inscription
    Jane Terry Bailey
  • The Indus Valley Origin of a Yoga Practice
    Yan Y. Dhyansky
  • Mahendravarman I Pallava: Artist and Patron of Mamallapuram
    Marilyn Hirsh
  • Raghunatha Prusti: An Oriya Artist
    Joanna Williams; J. P. Das

VOLUME 48, 3/4 (1987)

  • The jue and Its Ceremonial Use in the Ancestor Cult of China
    Elizabeth Childs-Johnson
  • Yet Again “Streams and Mountains without End”
    Susan Bush
  • The Garden of Light and the Forest of Darkness in Dakkini Sufi Literature and Painting
    Peter Gaeffke
  • Scribal Notes on Mughal Manuscript Illustrations
    John Seyller
  • Tiles from the Mosque of Rüstem Pasa in İstanbul
    Michael D. Willis

VOLUME 49, 1/2 (1988-89)

  • The Origin of Chinese Pictorial Representation of the Human Figure
    Mary H. Fong
  • The Iconographic Program of the Wu Family Offering Shrines (A.D. 151 – ca. 170)
    Jean M. James
  • Chin “Tartar” Dynasty (1115-1234) Material Culture
    Ellen Johnston Laing
  • “The Eight Views of Beijing”: Politics in Literati Art
    Kathlyn Liscomb
  • On Monks, Nuns and ‘Vulgar’ Practices: The Introduction of the Image Cult into Indian Budd-hism
    Gregory Schopen
  • The Repoussé Buddha Images of the Maha That, Lamphun
    Piriya Krairiksh

VOLUME 49, 3/4 (1988-89)

  • Court Calligraphy of the Early T’ang Dynasty
    Stephen J. Goldberg
  • On the Date of the Shengmudian Sculptures at Jinci
    Amy McNair
  • Prasada as Palace: Kutina Origins of the Nagara Temple
    Michael W. Meister
  • Akbar’s “Khamsah” of Amir Khusrau Dihlavi: A Reconstruction of the Cycle of Illustration
    Barbara Brend
  • Portraitmalerei unter Maharao Ram Singh von Kota
    Joachim Bautze
  • Inscriptions and Images on the Phra Maha That in Lamphun
    Hans Penth

VOLUME 50, 1/2 (1990)

  • On the Chinese Neolithic Jade Tsung/Cong
    Hayashi Minao; Alexander Coburn Soper
  • A Study of the Daming Palace: Documentary Sources and Recent Excavations
    Saehyang P. Chung
  • God on Earth: The Walking Buddha in the Art of South and Southeast Asia
    Robert L. Brown
  • From Transcendency to Materiality: Para Siva, Sadasiva, and Mahesa in Indian Art
    Doris Meth Srinivasan
  • Buddhist Narratives in Closely Similar Anecdotes. A Case Study of the “Yava-Majhakiya Ja-taka” and the “Maha-Ummaga Jataka”
    Amarendra Nath
  • A Ninth Century Umamahesvara Image
    Richard Salomon; Michael D. Willis

VOLUME 50, 3/4 (1990)

  • Repainting Wang Meng: Problems in Accretion
    Joan Stanley-Baker
  • Narayanapuram: A Tenth Century Site in Kalinga
    Mary F. Linda
  • Application of Vastupurasamandala in the Indian Temple Architecture: An Analysis of the Nagara Temple Plans of Himachal Pradesh
    Laxman S. Thakur
  • A Note on the Dating of the Mosque of Rüstem Pasa in Istanbul
    Leslie Meral Schick

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