Artibus Asiae Supplementum Series

Artibus Asiae Publishers have produced 50 monographs since 1937. The series Artibus Asiae Supplementum complements the journal and presents a broad range of lavishly illustrated studies.

Some titles may be ordered directly via the Online-Shop of the Museum Rietberg, for all other titles please inquire. Monographs marked with are out of print, prices quoted here exclude shipping costs.




NEW: Vol. 52 (2017) Goswamy, B.N.: Manaku of Guler: The Life and Work of Another Great Indian Painter from a Small Hill State. Order Online

Vol. 51 (2017) Goswamy, B.N.: Fischer, Eberhard. Pahari Paintings. The Horst Metzger Collection in the Museum Rietberg. Order Online

Vol. 50 (2013) Fischer, Eberhard; Jain, Jyotindra; Shah, Haku. Temple Tents for Goddesses In Gujarat, India. Order Online

JagannathaMasters_B1 Masters_B2 Supp 47

Vol. 49 (2012) Fischer, Eberhard; Pathy, Dinanath. In the Absence of Jagannatha – The Ansara Paintings Replacing the Jagannatha Icon in Puri and South Orissa Order Online

Vol. 48 1/2 (2011) Beach, Milo; Fischer, Eberhard, Goswamy, B.N., editors; Britschgi, Jorrit, project director. Masters of Indian Painting. Order Online

Vol. 47   (2006) Eberhard Fischer; Dinanath Pathy, Amorous Delight. The Amarushataka Palm Leaf Manuscript Illustrated by the Master of Sharanakula Order Online

Supp 46 Supp 45 Supp 44 Supp 43

Vol. 46   (2005) Milo Beach, Bagta and Chokha: Master artists at Devgarh Order Online

Vol. 45   (2004) Dietrich Seckel, Before and Beyond the Image: Aniconic Symbolism in Buddhist Art Order Online

Vol. 44   (2002) Andrew Topsfield, Court Painting at Udaipur. Art under the Patronage of the Maharanas of Mewar Order Online

Vol. 43   (2003) Eberhard Fischer; Vishwa Chander Ohri; Vijay Sharma, The Temple of Devi-Kothi. Wall Paintings and Wooden Reliefs in a Himalayan Shrine of the Great Goddess in the Churah Region of the Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh Order Online

Supp 42 Front Matter Supp-40

Vol. 42   (1999) John Seyller, Workshop and Patron in Mughal India. The Freer Ramayana and Other Illustrated manuscripts of Abd al-Rahim Order Online

Vol. 41   (1997) B. N. Goswamy, Nainsukh of Guler: A Great Indian Painter from a Small Hill-State (1997)

Vol. 40   (1996) Helmut Brinker; Hiroshi Kanazawa; Andreas Leisinger, ZEN– Masters of Meditation in Images and Writings Order Online

Vol. 39   (1993) Roger Goepper, Aizen-Myōō: The Esoteric King of Lust: An Iconological Study Order Online

Front Matter Front Matter Front Matter

Vol. 38   (1992) B. N. Goswamy; Eberhard Fischer, Pahari Masters: Court Painters of Northern India  ♦REPRINT available, please inquire♦

Vol. 37   (1980) Annette L. Juliano, Teng-Hsien: An Important Six Dynasties Tomb (35 USD / 37 CHF)

Vol. 36   (1979) Chu-tsing Li, Trends in Modern Chinese Painting. The Charles A. Drenowatz Collection Order Online

Vol. 35   (1978) Eleanor von Erdberg, Chinese Bronzes: From the Collection of Chester Dale and Dolly Carter 

Supp-34 supp-33 supp-32 supp-31

Vol. 34  (1975) Anne De Coursey Clapp, Wen Cheng-Ming: The Ming Artist and Antiquity (35 USD / 37 CHF)

Vol. 33  (1975) John C. Huntington, The Phur-Pa, Tibetan Ritual Daggers

Vol. 32  (1974) Milo C. Beach, Rajput Painting at Bundi and Kota 

Vol. 31  (1974) Kiyohiko Munakata; Yoko H. Munakata, Ching Hao’s “Pi-fa-chi”: A Note on the Art of Brush

Vol.-30 29 28 27

Vol. 30  (1974) Chu-Tsing Li, A Thousand Peaks and Myriad Ravines: Chinese Paintings in the Charles A. Drenowatz Collection (55 USD / 59 CHF)

Vol. 29  (1972) Charles Archaimbault; Jean Manikus, La Course de Pirogues au Laos: Un Complexe Culturel 

Vol. 28  (1972) Stanley J. O’Connor, Jr., Hindu Gods of Peninsular Siam

Vol. 27  (1970) Richard Barnhart, Marriage of the Lord of the River: A Lost Landscape by Tung Yüan (25 USD / 28 CHF)

26 25 24 23

Vol. 26  (1969) J. M. Nanavati; M. A. Dhaky, The Maitraka and the Saindhava Temples of Gujarat (25 USD / 28 CHF)

Vol. 25  (1969/70) Gordon H. Luce; Bo-Hmu Ba Shin; U Tin Oo, Old Burma: Early Pagán (3 Vols)

Vol. 24  (1967) Alexander Coburn Soper, Textual Evidence for the Secular Arts of China in the Period from Liu Sung through Sui (A.D. 420-618): Excluding Treatises on Painting (35 USD / 37 CHF)

Vol. 23   (1966) Ba Shin; Jean Boiseelier, A. B. Grisworld, eds., Essays Offered to G. H. Luce by His Colleagues and Friends in Honour of His Seventy-Fifth Birthday (2 Vols, 60 USD / 65 CHF)

22 21 20 Vol.-19

Vol. 22 (1966) Giuseppe Tucci, Tibetan Folk Songs from Gyantse and Western Tibet (25 USD / 28 CHF)

Vol. 21  (1965) Chu-Tsing Li, C. T. L., The Autumn Colors on the Ch’iao and Hua Mountains: A Landscape by Chao Meng-Fu (35 USD / 37 CHF)

Vol. 20  (1960) A. Bulling, The Decoration of Mirrors of the Han Period 

Vo.l 19  (1959) Alexander Coburn Soper, Literary Evidence for Early Buddhist Art in China 

Vol.-18 Vol.-17 Vol-16 Vol.-15

Vol. 18  (1958) S. Paranavitana, The God of Adam’s Peak (25 USD / 28 CHF)

Vol. 17   (1957) J. Edward Kidder, Jr., The Jomon Pottery of Japan

Vol. 16  (1957) A.B. Grisworld, Dated Buddha Images of Northern Siam 

Vol. 15  (1955) Pierre Dupont, La Statuaire Préangkorienne 

Vo.-14 Vol.-12 Vo.-11

Vol. 14  (1954, revised version 1967) Sherman E. Lee; Wen Fong, Streams and Mountains without End (35 USD / 37 CHF)

Vol. 13  (1954) Alfred Salomny, Antler and Tongue: An Essay on Ancient Chinese Symbolism and Its Implications 

Vol. 12  (1954) Siegfried Morenz; Johannes Schubert, Der Gott auf der Blume: Eine Ägyptische Kosmogonie und Ihre Weltweite Bildwirkung (25 USD / 28 CHF)

Vol. 11  (1953) Stella Kramrisch, Drāvida and Kerala: In the Art of Travancore 

Vol.-9 Vol.-3-6 Vol.-1

Vol. 10 (1952) Florance Waterbury, Bird Deities in China

Vol. 9  (1938) Wolfram Eberhard, Die Chinesische Novelle des 17.-19. Jahrhunderts: Eine Soziologische Untersuchung

Vol. 8  (1947) Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, Time and Eternity 

Vol. 7  (1949) Giuseppe Tucci, Tibetan folksongs from the district of Gyantse 

Vols. 3–6  (1947) Elie Borowski, Cylindres et cachets orientaux conservés dans les collections suisses; contribution à l’histoire de la glyptique en Asie occidentale 

Vol. 2   (1939) Kichiji Shimmi, Die Geschichte der Bukeherrschaft in Japan; Beiträge zum Verständnis des japanischen Lehnswesens von Kichiji Shimmi

Vol. 1  (1937) Rol Pai Rdo Rje; Johannes Schubert, Tibetische Nationalgrammatik: Das Sum cu pa und Rtags kyi ‘ajug pa 

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