Vol. 61-65

VOLUME 61, 1 (2001)

  • Summoning the Gods: Paintings of the Officials of Heaven, Earth, and Water and Their Association with Daoist Ritual Performance in the Southern Song Period (1127-1279)
    Shih-shan Susan Huang
  • Unfinished Work at Mamallapuram or, What is an Indian Art Object?
    Samuel Parker
  • From Delhi to the Deccan: Newly Discovered Tughluq Monuments at Warangal-Sultanpur and the Beginning of Indo-Islamic Architecture in Southern India
    Phillip B. Wagoner and John Henry Rice

VOLUME 61, 2 (2001)

  • The Earliest Buddhist Statues in Japan
    Donald F. McCullum
  • Images for the Temple: Imperial Patronage in the Development of Tang Daoist Art
    Yang Liu
  • Realizing the Buddha’s Dharma Body during the Mofa Period: A Study of Liao Buddhist Relic Deposits
    Shen Hsueh-man
  • An Attempt to Identify and Classify Scenes with a Central Buddha depicted on Ceilings of the Kyzil Caves (former Kingdom of Kutcha, Central Asia)
    Emanuelle Lesbre

VOLUME 62,1 (2002)

  • Visualization Meditation and the Siwei Icon in Chinese Buddhist Sculpture
    Eileen Hsiang-ling Hsu
  • Autumn Moon and Lingering Snow: Kano Sansetsu’s West Lake Screens
    Matthew P. McKelway
  • Sekhari Temples
    Adam Hardy
  • Drawings for the Renewal of Murals: Notes on the Documents of Murals of the Kalika Temple near Jayapur in the Koraput District, Orissa
    Eberhard Fischer and Dinanath Pathy

VOLUME 62,2 (2002)

  • Expanding Form”: The Architectural Sculpture of the South Indian Temple ca. 1500-1700
    Crispin Branfoot
  • Pardah and Portrayal: Rajput Women as Subjects, Patrons, and Collectors
    Molly Emma Aitken

VOLUME 63,1 (2003)

  • Text and Practice in South Asian Art: An Ethnographic Perspective
    Samuel K. Parker
  • Recherchen über den Gupta-Tempel in Deogarh (Research on the Gupta Temple in Deogarh)
    Klaus Imig
  • Sekhari Temples
    Adam Hardy
  • Luoxuan Biangu Jianpu and Shizhuzhai Jianpu: Two Late-Ming Catalogues of Letter Paper Designs
    Suzanne E. Wright

VOLUME 63,2 (2003)

  • Empress Liu’s Icon of Maitreya: Privacy and Portraiture at the Early Song Court
    Heping Liu
  • Motifs with an Intention: Reading the Eight Trigrams on Official Porcelain of the Jiajing Period (1522-1566)
    Maggie C. K. Wan
  • Uncredited Photographs by Gobindram & Oodeyram
    Joachim K. Bautze

VOLUME 64,1 (2004)

  • Naga Sculptures in Sanchi’s Archaeological Landscape: Buddhism, Vaisnavism, and Local Agricultural Cults in Central India, First Century BCE to Fifth Century CE
    Julia Shaw
  • The Emperor’s Lady Ghostwriters in Song-Dynasty China
    Hui-shu Lee

VOLUME 64,2 (2004)

  • Interpreting the Hindu Temple Form: A Model Based on the Core Conceptualization of its Formal Expression of Movement
    Pinna Indorf
  • Der Dreifuss in gandhârischen Szenen vom ersten Bad des Siddhârtha Gautama: Überlegungen zu Herkunft und Bedeutung eines visuellen Zitats (The Tripod in Gandhâran Scenes of the First Bath of Siddhârtha Gautama: Reflections on the Provenance and Meaning of a Visual Quote)
    Martina Stoye
  • Financial and Material Aspects of Tibetan Art under the Yuan Dynasty
    Anning Jing
  • Art and Politics at the Mongol Court of China: Tugh Temür’s Collection of Chinese Paintings
    Ankeney Weitz
  • Tiger with Cubs: A Rediscovered Ming Court Painting
    Hou-mei Sung

VOLUME 65,1 (2005)

  • Narrating Krsna’s Biography: Temple Imagery, Oral Performance, and Vaisnava Mission in Seventeenth-Century Bengal
    Pika Ghosh
  • Early Buddha Images from Hebei
    Roderick Whitfield
  • Body Matters: Presentation of the Body in the Liao Tombs at Xuanhua, Hebei Province
    Hsueh-man Shen
  • Laksmindralokesvara, Main Deity of the Dong Duong Monastery: A Masterpiece of Cham Art and a New Interpretation
    Trian Nguyen

VOLUME 65,2 (2005)

  • Images, Relics, and Jewels: The Assimilation of Images in the Buddhist Relic Cult of Gandhara – or Vice Versa
    Juhyung Rhi
  • The Divine in the Human World: Sculpture at Two Tenth-Century Temples at Angkor
    Alexandra Haendel
  • Temple Architecture in Bhatkal and the Ramayana Tradition in Sixteenth-Century Coastal Karnataka
    Crispin Branfoot and Anna L. Dallapiccola
  • Drunken Village Elder or Scholar-Recluse? The Ox-Rider and its Meanings in Song Paintings of “Returning Home Drunk”
    Wen-chien Cheng

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