Vol. 81-85

VOLUME 81,1 (2021)

  • The Nelson-Atkins Museum’s “Tree of Life” and the Art of Kerala Oil Lamps (Carol Radcliffe Bolon)
  • Rethinking Creativity: Generative Design and the Architecture of the Songyue Monastery Pagoda (Tracy Miller)
  • Modernity Through Tradition: “Korean” Ink Paintings by Ku Ponung (1906–1953) (Jungsil Jenny Lee)

VOLUME 81,2 (2021)

  • Loved, Unloved, and Changed: Afterlives of the Kailasanatha Temple in Kanchipuram (Padma Kaimal)
  • Who Accompanies Whom? Arranging Rong Qiqi and the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove in Early Medieval Chinese Tombs (Jie Shi)
  • The Five Dragon Kings: A Study of the Five Primary Sculptures in the Temple of King Mingying of the Guangsheng Monastery, Shanxi (Hui Wang Martin)

VOLUME 82,1 (2022)

  • Silver Handled Cup: Syncretism, Materiality, and Banquets in Northern Wei Art (Fan Zhang)
  • The Divine Feminine at Abhaneri: An Appraisal of Representations of the Goddess (Srija Sahai)
  • Shah Abbas I, the Safavid Concourse of the Birds, and the Reception of the Ming One Hundred Birds Compositionsin Persian Painting (Bilha Moor)

VOLUME 82,2 (2022)

  • The Affective Riverscape: Resonance and Sociality in Okuhara Seiko’s Spring Colors on the Sumida River, 1887 (Yurika Wakamatsu)
  • Sima Boundary Markers of Angkor: A Critical Reappraisal (Andrew Harris)
  • The Late Mughal Artist Hunhar II (J.P. Losty)

VOLUME 83,1 (2023)

  • The Realized Soul and the Trishund Ganapati Temple (Cathleen Cummings)
  • A Pilgrimage to Haridwar (Eberhard Fischer)
  • The Bla-Ma-Dam-a Set of the Vajravali and the Development of Tantric Art in Tibet in the Fourteenth Century (Chen Ping-Yang)

VOLUME 83,2 (2023)

  • On the Perils of Parochialism: Reinterpreting the Magic Charms of Fifteenth-Century Java (Shawnakim B. Lowey-Ball)
  • Assembling Gods: Nature, Community, and Temple Murals in Southern Shanxi (1300-1700) (Anne N. Feng)
  • Monk Portraits in Late Choson Korea: Exploring Social, Economic, and Gender Dynamics in Premodern Korean Buddhist Art (Maya Stiller)