Vol. 66-70

VOLUME 66, 1 (2006)

  • Imperfect Symmetry: Re-thinking Bronze Casting Technology in Ancient China
    Lukas Nickel
  • Forgeries Signed as Mei Qing: Mount Huang Paintings
    Shwu-ching Lee
  • The Great Railing at Amaravati: An Architectural and Archaeological Reconstruction
    Akira Shimada
  • Snakes and Ladders in India: Some Further Discoveries
    Andrew Topsfield

VOLUME 66, 2 (2006)

  • Swords from Ottoman and Mamluk Treasuries
    David Alexander
  • In the Eye of the Storm: Visualizing the Qajar Axis of Kingship
    Sussan Babaie
  • “When My Beholder Ponders:” Poetic Epigraphy in the Alhambra
    Olga Bush
  • Mamluk Elements in the Damascene Decorative System of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
    Anne-Christine Daskalakis Mathews
  • Making History: A Monumental Battle Painting of the Perso-Russian War
    Layla S. Diba
  • Unruly Images: Photography in and of Afghanistan
    Holly Edwards
  • Adorned like a Rose: The Sultan Murad III Album and the Persian Connection
    Aimée Frrom
  • The Architect/s of the Sultan Hasan Complex in Cairo
    Abdallah Kahil
  • Mixed Metaphors: Iconography and Medium in Mamluk Glass Mosaic Decoration
    Ellen Kenney

VOLUME 67, 1 (2007)

  • Embroidering History: A tiraz Textile from the Reign of al-Muqtadir Billâh
    Jaclynne J. Kerner
  • “A Thousand Designs for the Sake of the Bowl:” A Wine Vessel with Persian Inscriptions atLACMA
    Linda Komaroff
  • The Mi’radj-nama Reconsidered
    Tomoko Masuya
  • What the Fox told the Snake: Illustrated Animal Fables from Akbar’s Age
    Mika Natif
  • The Beginning of the Khurasani School of Painting at Herat
    Barbra Schmitz
  • Invented Pieties: The Rediscovery and Rebuilding of the Shrine of Sayyida Ruqayya in Damascus, 1975–2006
    Yasser Taabaa
  • A Group of Artists Associated with the “Asitana” of Husam al-Din Ibrahim
    Lale Uluç
  • Following the Path of a Nakkash from the Ak Koyunlu to the Ottoman Court
    Aysin Yoltar-Yildirim

VOLUME 67, 2 (2007)

  • The Trübner Stele Re-examined: Epigraphic and Literary Evidence
    Eileen Hsiang-ling Hsu
  • The Hejiacun Rhyton and the Chinese Wine Horn (Gong): Intoxicating Rarities and their Antiquarian History
    François Louis
  • Tianzhu Lingqian: Divination Prints from a Buddhist Temple in Song Hangzhou
    Shih-shan Susan Huang
  • The Paintings of Huang Xiangjian’s Filial Journey to the Southwest
    Elizabeth Kindall

VOLUME 68, 1 (2008)

  • The Longshan Daoist Caves
    Anning Jing
  • The Narrative Art of the Srisailam Prakara: A Visual Narrative
    Prabhavati C. Reddy
  • Wall-Painting in Bundi: Comments and a new Discovery
    Milo Cleveland Beach

Research Note

  • The Baghani Complex: Medival Pavillions in the Mardin Hinterland, Southeastern Turkey
    Deniz Beyazit

VOLUME 68, 2 (2008)

  • Image, Text, Monument: A Reexamination of the Philadelphia Brahma and “Later Calukyan” Sculpture
    John Henry Rice
  • Shoko mandara and the Cult of Prince Shotoku in the Kamakura Period
    Chari Pradel
  • Views of Japanese Temples and Shrines from Near and Far: Precinct Prints of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
    Sherry Fowler
  • The Well-Known Javanese Statue in the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam and its Place in Javanese Sculpture
    Pauline Lunsingh Scheurleer

Research Note

  • The Colophon Portrait of the Royal Asiatic Society Gulistan of Sa’di
    John Seyller

VOLUME 69, 1 (2009)

  • Views of Japanese Temples and Shrines from Near and Far: Precinct Prints of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
    Sherry Fowler
  • Anyang Mold-Making and the Decorated Model
    Robert Bagley
  • A Manichaean ‘Portrait of the Buddha Jesus’
    Zsuzsanna Gulácsi
  • Authenticity and the Expanding Market in Chen Hongshou’s Seventeenth-Century Printed Playing Cards
    Tamara H. Bentley
  • The Javanese Statue of Garuda carrying Wisnu and its Temple
    Pauline Lunsingh Scheurleer

VOLUME 69, 2 (2009; Festschrift in Honour of Joanna Williams, part 1)

  • Introduction
    Padma Kaimal
  • From Place to Site: Locations of the Buddha’s Life
    Frederick Asher
  • The Sufi Shrines of Shahul Hamid in India and South-East Asia
    Catherine B. Asher
  • Terra Ephemera: The Case of a New Goddess in Bengal
    Tryna Lyons
  • Gaurisikhara: Temple as an Ocean of Story
    Michael W. Meister
  • Kurma Imagery in Indian Art and Culture
    Devangana Desai
  • Unfinished Business: Clues about Artistic Praxis from the Hidden Foot of Borobudur
    Natasha Reichle

VOLUME 70, 1 (2010; Festschrift in Honour of Joanna Williams, part 2)

  • Artfully Carved: Udayagiri/Khandagiri in Orissa
    Janice Leoshko
  • South Indian or Sri Lankan? The Hindu Temples of Polonnaruva, Sri Lanka
    Sujatha Arundathi Meegama
  • Temple of Eternal Return: The Swaminarayan Akshardham Complex in Delhi
    Kavita Singh
  • Unfinished Business: Buddhist Reuse of Angkor Wat and Its Historical and Political Significance
    Jinah Kim
  • Not Your Average Boar: The Colossal Varaha at Eran, an Iconographic Innovation
    Catherine Becker
  • Reading Coomaraswamy on the Origin of the Buddha Image
    Juhyung Rhi

VOLUME 70, 2 (2010)

  • ArtKings or Ascetics? Evidence of Patronage in Ellora’s Jain Caves
    Lisa N. Owen
  • The Form and Function of Western Han Dynasty Ticou Tombs
    Aurelia Campbell
  • A Book of Buddhist Goddesses: Illustrated Manuscripts of the Pancaraksha Sutra and Their Ritual Use
    Jinah Kim
  • Li Bai Drinks with the Moon: The Cultural Afterlife of a Poetic Conceit and Related Lore
    Kathlyn Liscomb

Research Note

  • Pancaraksha Manuscript from Year 39 of the Reign of Ramapala
    Eva Allinger and Gudrun Melzer

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