Vol. 56-60

VOLUME 56, 1/2 (1996)

  • Symmetry and Balance in the Layout of the Sui-Tang Palace City of Chang’an
    Saehyang P. Chung
  • The Visnu Image in the Shore Temple at Mamallapuram
    Walter Smith
  • Carly Cola Kings and “Early Cola Temples”: Art and the Evolution of Kingship
    Padma Kaimal
  • Evidence of Royal Painting for the Amber Court
    Glynn, Catherine
  • The Purandi Hoard: Metalwork From Eleventh-Century Nepal
    Mary Shepherd Slusser
  • Laques du XIXe siecle au Musée Chiossone entre austerite, magnificence, classicisme et soshoku: Quelques chefs-d’oeuvres Inedits et leur sources
    Donatella Failla

VOLUME 56, 3/4 (1996)

  • The Cemetery of the Western Zhou Lords of Jin
    Jay Xu
  • Monumentalization of Buddhist Texts in the Northern Qi Dynasty: The Engraving of Sutras in Stone at the Xiangtangshan Caves and Other Sites in the Sixth Century
    Katherine R. Tsiang
  • Shen Mou: The Coalescence of Professional and Literati Painting in Late Yuan China Sandra Jean Wetzel, 263
    Man and Man-Lion: The Philadelphia Narasimha
    Michael W. Meister
  • The Treatment of Narrative in Jagat Singh’s Ramayana: A Preliminary Study
    Vidya Dehejia
  • Honolulu Academy of Art Tenth-Century Khmer Buddhist Trinity
    Nancy H. Dowling
  • Notes Concerning the Mgon-khan of Zwa-Lu
    Franco Ricca and Lionel Fournier

VOLUME 57, 1/2 (1997)

  • A Mughal Icon Re-examined
    Catherine Glynn and Ellen Smart
  • Why a History of Monuments from Nolambavadi
    Andrew L. Cohen
  • A Note on the Original Vaisnava Character of the Shore Temple, Mamallapuram
    Walter Smith
  • The Dharani Pillar of Kunming, Yunnan: A Legacy of Esoteric Buddhism and Burial Rites of the Bai People in the Kingdom of Dali (937-1253)
    Angela F. Howard
  • Illustrations of the Life of Confucius: Their Evolution, Functions, and Significance in Late Ming China
    Julia K. Murray
  • The Legacy of Bole: Physiognomy and Horses in Chinese Painting
    Robert E. Harrist

VOLUME 57, 3/4 (1997)

  • The Mamallapuram Prasasti: A Panegyric in Figures
    Michael D. Rabe
  • The Inspection and Valuation of Manuscripts in the Imperial Mughal Library
    John Seyller

VOLUME 58, 1/2 (1998)

  • The Sui-Tang Eastern Palace in Chang’an: Toward a Reconstruction of its Plan
    Saehyang P. Chung
  • The Buddhist Sculptures at Feixian Pavilion in Pujiang, Sichuan
    Henrik H.Sørensen
  • The Temple to the Northern Peak in Quyang
    Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt
  • The Three Yin Masters of the Ming Court: Yin Shan, Yin Xie, and Yin Hong
    Sung Hou-Mei
  • Narrative Framing in the Tale of Genji Scroll: Interior Space in the Compartmentalized Emaki
    Watanabe Masako

VOLUME 58, 3/4 (1998)

  • Dynamic Structures in Buddhist Mandalas: Apradaksina and Mystic Heat in the Mother Tantra Section of theAnuttarayoga Tantras
    Heather Stoddard
  • Metamorphosis: Sheet Metal to Sacred Image in Nepal
    Mary Shepherd Slusser, Nutan Sharma, James A. Giambrone
  • The Changing Faces of Eklilngji: A Dynastic Shrine and its Artists
    Tryna Lyons
  • The Death of Inayat Khan by the Mughal Artist Balchand
    Ellen Smart
  • Mazu, the Patroness of Sailors, in Chinese Pictorial Art
    Klaas Ruitenbeek
  • Dr. Sherman Emery Lee: Tenth Recipient of the Charles Lang Freer Medal
    Thomas Lawton

VOLUME 59, 1/2 (1999)

  • The Eternal Palaces of the Western Han: A New View of the Universe
    Jessica Rawson
  • The Problem of Portraiture in South India, Circa 870-970
    Padma Kaimal

VOLUME 59, 3/4 (2000)

  • On the Patronage by Tang-Dynasty Nuns at Wanfo Grotto, Longmen
    Amy McNair
  • Formulas of Creativity: Artist’s Sketches and Techniques of Copying at Dunhuang
    Sarah E. Fraser
  • Beyond the Written Word: Li Gonglin’s Illustrations to Tao Yuanming’s Returning Home
    Elizabeth Brotherton
  • Suzhou Pian and Other Dubious Paintings in the Received Oeuvre of Qiu Ying
    Ellen Johnston Laing
  • An Image at Lakshi Serai and its Implications
    Frederick M. Asher
  • Painter’s Directions in Early Indian Painting
    John Seyller

VOLUME 60, 1 (2000)

  • Rethinking the Non-Chinese Southwest
    Sophia-Karin Psarras
  • Some Han-Dynasty Paintings in the British Museum
    Lukas Nickel
  • Ayagapatas: Characteristics, Symbolism, and Chronology
    Sonya Rhie Quintanilla
  • The Problem of Portraiture in South India, circa 970-1000 A.D.
    Padma Kaimal

VOLUME 60, 2 (2000)

  • Approaching the Temple in Nayaka-Period Madurai: The Kutal Alakar Temple
    Crispin Branfoot
  • A Rajasthani Princely Album: Rajput Patronage of Mughal-Style Painting
    Catherine Glynn
  • Studies in Late Qing Dynasty Battle Paintings
    Zhang Hongxing
  • A New Life for Literati Painting in the Early Twentieth Century: Eastern Art and Modernity, A Transcultural Narrative?
    Aida-Yuen Wong

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