Just Published: Volume 74, Issue 2


MELIA BELLI ROSE:  Descendants of the Moon: Bhati Mytho-History and Memorial Art at Bara Bagh, Jaisalmer

BRIGITTE BORELL: A True Martaban Jar: A Burmese Ceramic Jar in the Ethnoloical Museum in Heidelberg, Germany

ROSELYNE HUREL: A Ragamala Painted at Patna for Zain Ud-Din Ahmad Khan, Nephew and Son-in-Law of Alivardi Khan

GAUTAMA V. VAJRACHARYA: Kirtimukha, the Serpent Motif, and Garuda: The Story of a Lion that Turned into a big Bird

FAN JEREMY ZHANG: Jin-Dynasty Pingyang and the Rise of Theatrical Pictures


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Last updated 19 October 2015

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