Vol. 43-46

VOLUME 43, 1/2 (1981)

  • A Study of Early Chinese Armor
    Albert E. Dien
  • The Sui Xian Tomb: Re-Thinking the Fifth Century
    Robert L. Thorp
  • The Flying White Horse: Transmission of the Valāhassa Jātaka Imagery from India to Japan
    Julia Meech-Pekarik
  • Nand Chand and a Central Indian Regional Style
    Donald M. Stadtner
  • Leaves from an Early Pahari Ramayana Series: Notes on a Group of Nine Paintings in the Rietberg Museum, Zurich
    B. N. Goswamy

VOLUME 43, 3 (1981-82)

  • Bishapur VI: An Artistic Record of an Armeno-Persian Alliance in the Fourth Century
    Guitty Azarpay
  • Kaikei’s Statue of Hachiman in Todaiji
    Christine Guth Kanda
  • Une sculpture insolite de l’Indian Museum de Calcutta
    Mireille Bénisti
  • Iconographic Themes of the Gopura of the Kailasanatha Temple at Ellora
    Mary Beth Heston
  • Shiva-inga with Gaṇas, a New Find from Mathura
    A. K. Srivastava
  • The Date of Tomb 5 at Yinxu, Anyang: A Review Article
    Robert L. Thorp

VOLUME 43, 4 (1981-82)

  • Representations of Hariti, the Mother of Demons, and the Theme of “Raising the Alms-Bowl” in Chinese Painting
    Julia K. Murray
  • The Origins of Gaṇesha,
    Y. Krishan
  • Analysis of Temple Plans: Indor
    Michael W. Meister

VOLUME 44, 1 (1983)

  • A Scene of the Taoist Afterlife on a Sixth Century Sarcophagus Discovered in Loyang
    Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky
  • Early Painting in Mandi
    Catherine Glynn
  • Tradition and Invention in Himachal Pradesh Temple Arts
    Ronald M. Bernier

VOLUME 44, 2/3 (1983)

  • The Wedding Ceremony for an Imperial Liao Princess. Wall Paintings from a Liao Dynasty Tomb in Jilin
    Linda Cooke Johnson
  • The Plan of Khubilai Khan’s Imperial City
    Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt
  • The Iconography of the Popular Gods of Happiness, Emolument, and Longevity (Fu Lu Shou)
    Mary H. Fong
  • Late Ming Views of Yüan Painting
    Susan E. Nelson
  • The Evidence for a Vishvarupa Iconographic Tradition in Western India, 6th-9th Centuries A.D.
    T. S. Maxwell

VOLUME 44,4 (1983)

  • The True Chronology of Ashokan Pillars
    John Irwin
  • Geometry and Measure in Indian Temple Plans: Rectangular Temples
    Michael W. Meister
  • On the Symbolism of Three- and Four-Faced Vishṇu Images: A Reconsideration of Evidence
    Adalbert J. Gail
  • A Preliminary Study of the Game of Karma in India, Nepal, and Tibet
    Deepak Shimkhada

VOLUME 45,1 (1984)

  • Japanese Kinbyobu: The Gold-Leafed Folding Screens of the Muromachi Period (1333-1573). Part I
    Bettina Klein; Carolyn Wheelwright
  • Tang Tomb Murals Reviewed in the Light of Tang Texts on Painting
    Mary H. Fong
  • The Ceiling of the Mukteshvara Temple in Bhubaneswar
    Walter Smith

VOLUME 45, 2/3 (1984)

  • Japanese Kinbyobu: The Gold-Leafed Folding Screens of the Muromachi Period (1333-1573). Parts II-IV
    Bettina Klein; Carolyn Wheelwright
  • Some Liao Tomb Murals and Images of Nomads in Chinese Paintings of the Wen-Chi Story,
    Robert Albright Rorex
  • The Evidence of White-Wash, Plaster and Pigment on North Indian Sculpture with Special Reference to Sarnath
    Krishna Kumar
  • Five Dated Nepalese Metal Sculptures
    Ian Alsop
  • The Masquerading Sun: A Unique Syncretic Image in Nepal
    Deepak Shimkhada

VOLUME 45, 4 (1984)

  • Story-Telling in Pinguli Paintings
    Valentina Stache-Rosen
  • Sharing, Intrusion, and Influence: The Mahishasuramardini Imagery of the Calukyas and the Pallavas
    Gary Michael Tartakov; Vidya Dehejia

VOLUME 46, 1/2 (1985)

  • The Demon Queller and the Art of Qiu Ying (Ch’iu Ying)
    Stephen Little
  • Symbol and Surface: Masonic and Pillared Wall-Structures in North India
    Michael W. Meister

VOLUME 46, 3 (1985)

  • In Praise of Government: Chao Yung’s Painting, “Noble Steeds”, and Late Yüan Politics
    Jerome Silbergeld
  • The Indian Game of Snakes and Ladders
    Andrew Topsfield
  • An Eighth Century Mihrab in Gwalior
    Michael D. Willis

VOLUME 46, 4 (1985)

  • Reconsideration of an Unusual Ivory Diptych
    Diana P. Rowan
  • Some Evidence on the Wooden Origins of the Vastupursamandala
    V. S. Pramar

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