Style Sheet


Citation of sources should follow the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style. At the first mention in a note, a work must be cited in full; thereafter only the author’s last name and short titles are used (not op. cit., or loc. cit.). Page numbers are not preceded by p. or pp.

Inchang Kim, The Future Buddha Maitreya: An Iconological Study (New Delhi: D. K. Print World, 1997), 223-225.
Kim, Future Buddha, 223-225.

Alexander C. Soper, “Northern Liang and Northern Wei in Kansu,” Artibus Asiae 21, 2 (1958): 142.
Soper, “Northern Liang and Northern Wei,” 142.

Li Xueqin, “Niaochongshu lungao,” Wenwu (1989.4): 35-46.
Ouyang Xiu (1007-1072) and Song Qi (996-1061), Xin Tangshu (225 juan, 1060; Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1975), 54.1386.

Xin Tangshu, 54.1386.

References to Taishô shinshû daizôkyô should be abbreviated Taishô volume:text and column, e.g. Huayan jing [Avatamsaka-sûtra], Taishô 9:278.293b.

Citation of sources on the Internet should include the author’s name, title of document, title of complete work (if relevant), date of publication or last revision, URL (underlined or in italics), date of access (in parentheses).

Brendan P. Kehoe, “Network Basics,” Zen and the Art of the Internet (January 1992), (as of 4 June 1999).

Kashinath Tamot and Ian Alsop, “A Kushan-period Sculpture from the reign of Jaya Varman, A.D. 185, Kathmandu, Nepal,”, Articles (10 July 1996; updated 25 December 2001), (as of 5 April 2003).

General Rules

titles of books and works of art are in italics (both in English and original language)
reign names are capitalized and not in italics (e.g. the Tianbao reign)

BCE, not B.C. or B.C.E.
CE, not A.D. or C.E.
1500s, not 1500’s
1960s, not sixties
seventh century, not Seventh Century or 7th Century
March 5, 1980; or 5 March 1980
1980-1984, not 1980-84

periods and commas go inside quotation marks
semicolons and colons go outside quotation marks
use “smart” (curly) quotation marks
use serial commas
no commas after “e.g.” and “i.e.”

numbers one to ninety-nine are written out; numbers 100 and over are in numerals
approximations in place of numbers are written out (e.g. “around eight hundred”)
pages 232-238, not 232-38
change fractions to decimals where possible
centimeters, meters, not cm, m

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