All Asian scripts must be transliterated and all foreign words must include full diacriticals. Excepted are words which have become part of the English vocabulary and are used as English terms, such as sutra, nirvana, shogun, Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka (instead of sûtra, nirvâna, shôgun, Tôkyô, Kyôto, or Ôsaka).

Use the following transliteration systems:

– Chinese: Hanyu Pinyin
– Japanese: Hepburn
– Korean: McCune-Reischauer or Ministry of Culture
– Sanskrit: American Oriental Society / Royal Asiatic Society, with full upper and lower diacriticals
– Persian and Arabic: as used in the Encyclopedia of Islam, new edition (Leiden: Brill, 1960-), or as used in F. Steingass, A Comprehensive Persian-English Dictionary

Chinese and Japanese characters should be supplied in a separate, alphabetically organized glossary. Sanskrit terms with full diacritical marks should be supplied in a separate, alphabetically organized glossary. All diacritical marks should be removed from Sanskrit words in the text.

All foreign terms not naturalized in current editions of Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary or comparable dictionaries should be italicized. Proper names are not italicized.

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